Children  Shine Ministries

The purpose of Children’s Ministry is to help children and their families grow in their relationship with the Lord Jesus. Each child from the nursery through 6th grade needs a safe, caring and loving environment so that they can begin to learn and understand spiritual truths. In Psalm 127:3 God reminds us that our children are a gift from Him. We as a church take this God-given trust seriously. Children’s Ministry provides a comprehensive ministry to our children and their families. Our prayer and desire is that each child who attends Pleasant Point will come to a place in their life where they will accept Christ as Savior and Lord and continue to grow in their walk with God.

The children’s ministry exists to help those in our care know God and grow to become like His Son, Jesus Christ.

To accomplish our purpose we seek…

1. To fill children’s minds with the Word of God so they will grow to think the way God thinks and live the way God has commanded.
2. To establish in children habits of godly living ad a daily lifestyle.
3. To create a Christian Community of children and adults who enjoy life together as a family and who are committed to Jesus Christ and to each other.
4. To help children build proper relationships to the authorities in their lives.
5. To help children trust Christ as Savior, to submit to Him and to live as Christian’s at home, at school, at play or wherever they are.
6. To make each child’s experience at church safe, fun and profitable in the process of growing to become everything God has planned.
7.  To help equip the children with the knowledge and tools to stand firm in a dying world. Hebrews 13:21, 2 Peter 3:18
8.  To instruct, encourage and help guide them into freely worshiping and praising our Lor
d Jesus Christ. 1 Chronicles 16:9
9.  To help teach the children how to apply the Word to their daily lives. Proverbs 2:1-5
10.To teach that prayer and communion with the Father is the first thing to turn to in all situations. Matthew 6:33
11.To help turn their hearts toward the ONLY person that can supply all their needs. Philippians 4:19

Throughout Scripture we see that God has commanded us as adults to pass on to our children what God has done in our lives and what He can do in theirs. Children’s Ministry can provide that opportunity. You can pass on your heart for worship by helping our children learn to worship through a children’s choir or you can help our children learn the Scriptures by teaching a Sunday School class.