Senior Adult Ministry

I don't know anywhere in the Bible where it says that God takes away God's blessing when a person reaches the age of 65. God does have a lot to say in the Scriptures about aging, which is a gift from God.   Age bring wisdom and understanding, and has a purpose Proverbs 16:31, "Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is found on the path of righteousness.

While we are all spiritual beings, not all older adults are religious. Helping older adults in their spiritual journey is vital for the later years.  In our fast-paced and changing society, older adults need opportunities to continue the lifelong process of learning and growing. Older adults should be invited and equipped to serve as volunteers in programs serving other age groups, such as mentoring youth and young adults, tutoring children or being a foster grandparent.

Older adults can literally think themselves into the grave by feeling bad about getting old. Attitude is an important index in prolonging life expectancy. The ability to recreate gives people the chance to re-create themselves at this stage of their lives. Laughter, fun, humor and play are all vital ingredients for the well-being of older persons.

Helping to meet the needs of others can provide an ongoing sense of purpose for older adults. There are countless opportunities available for older adults to be in service: giving care, preparing meals, providing transportation, engaging in active listening, monitoring medication, teaching Sunday school or singing on the choir. Congregations must encourage older adults to be in service, and congregations must be willing to equip, train and support them in these endeavors.

Older Adult Ministry Ideas,

Adult Day Services
Develop a one-day or several-days a week Adult Day Care at your church for older adults who need specialized care for working caregivers.

Annual Older Adult Picnic
Invite older adults from your church and community to participate in a summer picnic. Provide entertainment and games.

Exercise and Fitness Classes
Older adults participate in “low impact” aerobics class, “Body Recall,” or some other form of exercise designed for older adults.

Field Trips
Older adults take educational and informational, recreational, mission study, or work mission trips. 

Game Day
Once a week or monthly, hold a game day for older adults (include games that involve mental stimulation.

Writing Letters and Sending Cards
Older adults write personal letters and send birthday, anniversary, and special remembrance cards to others

Library: Resources on Aging Issues
Place in your church library older adult reading material, including audio and large print books.
 Living History
Older adults share their life journey and faith story on tape (video and/or audio), in writing, and orally in worship and Sunday school class.

Lunch Partners
Invite older adults to eat a meal once a week with a homebound member in his/her home. 

Older Adult Choir
Invite older adults to form a choir. Sing at church, nursing homes, retirement communities, and for homebound. Plan special events such as Christmas caroling throughout the community.

Visitation Ministry
Older adults visit other older adults who are homebound, lonely, hospitalized, institutionalized, and dying.

Sunday Afternoon Worship for Homebound
Monthly, quarterly, or twice a year, conduct a special Sunday afternoon worship service (include Holy Communion), for homebound members in the church sanctuary.