Live a Christ-Centered Life

To live Christ centered is to truly find Life the way it was meant to be lived. This is the life in which Jesus Christ and a relationship with Him is the center of our life. When our relationship with Christ is the center, it will impact every area of life and that is what it was meant to be like!

Modeling:   Lead By Example

Modeling for your disciple is so important.  This does not mean that we are perfect and that the disciple we are investing in will see us that way.  No what it means is that we can show another person how important that Christ is to us by watching the way we live.  This may involve going out to lunch together and bowing for prayer in a busy restaurant.  Invite them to your house for a night of fun watching football or a show of your choosing.  People can learn how important that Christ is in us in the way we treat our spouse or even in the way we interact with a waiter or waitress.

Be a Humble Servant

Humility is near and dear to the heart of Jesus.  This is often one of the hardest characteristics for even long-time Christians to be consistent in.  We can show our humility in many ways. In theBeatitudes in Matthew 5, Jesus includes both humility and meekness in His description of a mature Christian.  When we humble ourselves and put the needs of other’s before your own, it is then God’s responsibility to take care of you. He will give you favor with Him and with man (Proverbs 3:3-5).


True discipleship requires accountability.  If you are going to disciple someone, this must be more than a social gathering where you get caught up on the things of life.  Have fun but don’t forget why you are meeting together and that is to make disciples.  One practical way to do this is by having a set of questions that both you and your disciple knows you are going to discuss each meeting.  Questions like…what did you read this week?  Were the internet sites you looked at this week pleasing to God?  How was your prayer time this week?

Practice Spiritual Disciplines

Christians over the years have learned that certain disciplines and practices help them keep the spiritual channels open and help keep the heart turned toward God. These disciplines cannot bring you salvation; they can’t even make you a holy person. But they can heighten your desire, awareness, and love of God by stripping down the barriers that you put up within yourself and some that others put up for you. What makes something a ‘spiritual discipline’ is that it takes a specific part of your way of life and turns it toward God. A spiritual discipline is, when practiced faithfully and regularly, a habit or regular pattern in your life that repeatedly brings you back to God and opens you up to what God is saying to you. Christian devotional practice is squarely centered on Jesus Christ as found in the New Testament.

Faithfulness:  Be there for them

A discipling relationship needs to be a faithful relationship.  It is important to meet regularly with them and to be someone they can count on.  Be reliable and committed to them.  This will be very evident for them to see if you are committed to meeting and being with them or if it is just something that you are trying to fit into your schedule.  If you give your disciple something to do (like homework of reading a certain Scripture passage or maybe sharing their faith one time over a week period), please remember to check if they did it.  This will let them know you are committed to their spiritual well being.

Faithfulness in any of the areas that are most important in life requires that we discipline ourselves for the long haul, not the quick fix. Another way of putting it is: life is a marathon, not a sprint. Whether in our marriage, a job, a diet, or our relationship with God, sticking to it day after day, week after week, and doing it right, is a challenge.