For the preservation and security of the principles of our faith, and to govern this body in an orderly manner consistent with the tenets of the Southern Baptist Church denomination, and for the purpose of preserving the religious liberties inherent in each individual member of this body and other churches of the Christian faith, we establish this constitution and by-laws.


II   Name

This body shall be called Pleasant Point Baptist Church located on Highway 501. Waynesburg, Kentucky.


III   Covenant

We adopt the Baptist Covenant as the covenant of our faith.




         Section I   Qualifications  for Membership


          The membership of this church shall consist of such persons who have publicly confessed Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, those who after due examination by the church as to their experience, those coming from other Baptist churches by letter, or by satisfactory substitute recommendations acceptable by vote of the church and have been baptized and entered into the Covenant, by baptism we mean a baptism by emersion.

Section 2   Duties of Members

          Members are expected first of all to be faithful in all duties essential to the Christian life, to be faithful in attendance of the church services, to give regularly for the support of the church and its causes, and to share in its organized work.

Section 3   Rights of Members

         Any member in good standing, who is faithful in attending church monthly and who does not hold letters of dismissal is entitled to vote at all elections and on all questions submitted to the church in conference, provided that the member is present, is eligible for consideration by the membership as candidates for elective offices in the church., and may participate in the ordinances of the church as administered by the church..

Section 4   Quorum

The presence of such members as are present at a regular or special called meeting shall constitute a quorum.  The election of officers, matters of polity, and financial shall require ten percent of the active role of members.  To terminate the services of a pastor, to call a pastor, to borrow money, to buy or sell property, or amend the constitution and by-laws shall require twenty-five percent of the active role of the membership.

  For the purpose of constituting a quorum a member is defined as an active member of the church in good standing.

Section 5  Termination of Membership

(1)   Any member in good standing who desires a letter to any other Baptist church is entitled to receive it upon request.  In case of moving to another community he or she should promptly make such a request.

(2)   If a member in good standing request, in writing, to be released from his or her covenant obligations to this church, and church deems the request to be satisfactory after endeavoring to secure his or her continuance in its fellowship, such request shall be granted and membership terminated.

(3)   If a member becomes an offense to this church and mar its name by reason of immoral or unchristian like conduct the church may terminate his or her membership after due notice and hearing, provided efforts have been made to bring such member to repentance.

(4)   All requests for termination of the above mentioned charges shall first be brought before the deacons who shall then make recommendations to the church.

(5)   The membership that has been terminated by recommendation of the deacons and vote of the church shall be restored by vote of the church provided satisfactory repentance has been shown. 

Section 6  Discipline

(1)   Should any unhappy differences arise between or among members; the aggrieved should follow in tender spirit the rules given by our Lord in the eighteenth chapter of Matthew.

(2)   Should any case of gross breach of covenant or public scandal occur the deacons shall endeavor to clear it and if such efforts fail it shall be reported to the church.

(3)   If the church receives a complaint, it must be made in writing.  If the church deems it necessary for a hearing it shall appoint a time, place, and determine the proper procedures for that hearing.  The person or persons in question shall be notified and a copy of the charges given to him, her, or them.

(4)   At such a hearing the accused may call to his, her, or their aid any member of the church as counsel.  If he, she, or they fail to appear at the appointed time or fail to give satisfactory reason for neglect the church may proceed in his, her, or their absence.

(5)   In case of grave difficulty the church may if requested ask advice of an acceptable counsel from a neighboring Baptist church.

(6)   Any person serving in any position in or of the church being servants of the church, serve at the pleasure of the church.  Therefore, one found to have acted in a manner unbecoming a Christian, to have engaged in immoral or unethical behavior or to act in a way that brings dishonor upon the Lord’s church, may be asked to resign his position by the church.  Should he refuse, he may be relieved of his duties and responsibilities by a two-thirds vote of those members present at any regular monthly business meeting or a special called business meeting.

(7)   Any or all persons attending a church service, meeting, or function shall act in a kind and considerate Christ like manner toward others, maintaining acceptable behavior at all times.  Failure to do so may result in being asked to leave the premises. 




Section I  Polity

            The government of this church is vested in the body of believers that compose its membership.  It is not subject to control by any other ecclesiastical body, but recognizes mutual cooperation and counsel among the missionary Baptist churches.

Sesction II  Doctrine

            The church accepts the scriptures as its authority in matters of doctrine.  The Christian faith contained therein as its essential belief of Baptist churches as indicated in its faith herein.




(1)    A pastor shall be chosen and called by the church whenever a vacancy occurs.  His election shall take place at a meeting called for that purpose.   A pulpit committee shall seek a suitable pastor and their recommendation shall constitute a nomination.  However, any member shall have the privilege to make recommendations to the pulpit committee.  Election of a pastor shall be by three-fourths of those present to elect.  A unanimous vote would be more desirable.

(2)    The pastor thus elected shall serve until his services are terminated by mutual consent with the church, by 2 week notice of resignation from the pastor or by majority vote of the church.  If by vote of the church, his services shall not exceed thirty days.  His pastorate shall if warranted may be reviewed annually by the deacons and their recommendation made to the church.

(3)    The pastor shall preside at all church meetings except as herein provided by the by-laws.


            Section 1  Duties of the Deacons

(1)    The duties shall be in accordance with word and practice of the New Testament.  Deacons are to be servants of the church.  They are to be zealous to guard the unity of the church in bonds of peace.

(2)    They shall serve as a council of advice and conference with the pastor and trustees in all matters pertaining to the welfare of the church and its growth in the Kingdom of God.  They are to know the physical and spiritual needs of the members and to serve and encourage the meeting of those needs.

(3)    They are to counsel with the pastor as the Holy Spirit may direct in accordance with the New Testament teachings and have oversight discipline of the church.  They shall be free to call upon any member of the church to aid in disciplinary action.

(4)    They shall serve as a pulpit committee in the absence or inability of the pastor to fulfill his duties to the church.  The deacons shall arrange for the temporary ministry.  This shall in no way interfere in the method by which the church secures a new pastor.

(5)    The deacons shall serve as general finance committee and be free to call upon the trustees and other members to assist in the church work as needed. They shall assist with the raising of funds and if requested by the church prepare an annual budget.

(6)    No contracts for supplies, materials, and pledging of credit shall be made without the recommendation of the deacons and approval of the church unless otherwise authorized in and by these by-laws.  The church may give general authorization for normal supplies and general items.

(7)    Payment for all supplies, materials, and services shall be made promptly by the church treasurer or treasurer of the building fund provided a proper voucher is approved or authorized by majority vote of the church.

(8)    All money collected by and through the Sunday school, and other organizations shall be duly recorded and reported to the church each month at business meeting.

(9)    There may be an annual audit of all books and accounts of the church.  The audit committee shall be composed of the chairman and of the deacons and the trustees.

(10)The deacons shall meet at least once each month to discuss any business necessary to the welfare of the church.  They shall make a quarterly report to the church at a regular business meeting.  A set of minutes shall be kept of all deacons meeting and a copy filed with the church clerk.

(11)The deacons shall meet at the request of the chairman or upon the request of two deacons to discuss any special business of the church.  All deacons shall be notified if available to attend each meeting.  Pastor and trustees may attend by invitation.

(12)Each deacon shall be free to confer with the pastor about all matters concerning the growth of decline of the church attendance.  Also, any matter concerning discipline in the church. 


                        The pastor shall be the church moderator unless he desires that the church elect a moderator in his stead.  In the absence of the pastor as moderator, the chairman of the deacons shall preside.  In the absence of both, another deacon will moderate the meeting.  No person shall preside as moderator if a personal matter is involved.


                        The clerk of the church shall keep a suitable record book of all actions of the church.  A register of all churches members shall be kept with the name of each member, date of admission, baptism, dismissal, or death.  He or she shall issue letters of dismissal voted by the church, keep on record all communications and written reports with a Backup copy in the church office.  The clerk shall consider it a part of his or her duty to promote loyalty and efficiency in the church.  The clerk shall be elected annually by the church.


            It shall be his or duty to receive, preserve, and pay out upon receipt of proper vouchers approved and signed by designated person.  Payment of all bills and expenses shall be made promptly by check.

            It shall be the responsibility of the treasurer to render monthly an itemized report to the church at its regular business meeting.  The treasurer’s book shall be open to any member at any time.  A gift by an individual shall not be open to the members.         



Organizations and Committees 

            All organizations and committees shall be under the control of the church.  All officers are to be elected by majority vote of the church at a regular business meeting.

            At a regular business meeting three months before the closing of the year a committee consisting of the Sunday School Superintendent and Pastor shall nominate officers for the ensuing year.

            The committee shall seek persons suitable for office and obtain from members a desire to be an officer.  Those names shall be made known to the church and elected by majority vote at the regular business meeting in September. 

Standing Committee
 The following shall compose the standing committees:

1.       Committee of Trustees

2.       Committee on the Lord’s Supper

3.       Executive Board

4.       Ushers

5.       Building and Grounds

6.       Church Council

7.       Homecoming Committee

8.       Youth Committee

9.       Kitchen Committee

10.   Decorating Committee

11.   Personnel Committee

An audit committee shall make an audit at the end of the year and present to the church for approval.  This is to be presented at regular business meeting in January, when requested by the church.

            The treasurer upon his or her resignation or election of a successor shall promptly turn over all books, records, accounts, and receipts pertaining to that office.  The treasurer shall consider it a responsibility to promote spiritual giving to the financial growth of the church.

            The treasurer shall be responsible for ordering all necessary materials for Sunday School and other programs.

            The treasurer shall be an elected officer in the church. 


            The youth minister(s) shall be hired by majority vote and approved by the church.  He, she, or they shall cooperate with the church officers in providing an appropriate program to promote Christian ideals among the youth of the church and community.  He, she, or they may resign upon proper notice to the church or until a successor shall have been chosen.  The church by majority vote may terminate his, her, or their services. 


He or she shall be responsible for promoting growth and leadership in each Sunday school department.  He or she may terminate his or her service upon proper notice upon to the church, or until a successor has been elected by the church.  The Sunday School Superintendent shall be an elected officer.


            The trustees shall consist of three members.  They shall be elected by the church at a regular business meeting by majority vote and serve a three year term rotating off at the end of their term, one rotating off each year.  They may be re-elected if they chose to serve more than one term.  They shall elect a chairman from among the committee.  They may resign at any time by giving proper notice in writing or in person.  A member chosen to complete an unfinished term may be re-elected.

            They shall not have power to buy, sell, lease, transfer, or mortgage property without the recommendation of the deacons and approval of the church, but can make purchases up to $500 for repairs, seeking approval of any amount greater from the church. 


            The deacons shall name from their number a committee to be responsible for preparation of the Lord’s Supper and conducting the observation therein. 


            The deacons shall name from their number assisted by two women chosen to make arrangements for the ordinance of baptism, and render assistance to the pastor and candidates as may be necessary. 


            The church shall be represented on the executive board by the pastor and two members chosen by the church.  They shall attend the executive board meeting as often as possible. 


            Four ushers shall be chosen by the church to collect the offering and welcome any visitors into the church.  They shall be chosen for a quarterly time period, and may serve as many terms as desired. 


Special Funds

1.      Special funds may be sought by the church or any church organization upon approval by the church.  This does not preclude individuals from making special offerings to promote church causes as the Spirit of God may lead.

2.      It is understood that membership in this church involves financial obligations to support the church and its causes.  Member shall be aware of the church budget and costs to operate on a budget. 

                                            ARTICLE VI


Section 1  Worship Service

1.      Worship services shall be held weekly on the Lord’s Day and Wednesday evenings.  The first Wednesday of each month shall be designated as business meeting.  Services shall be open to anyone wishing to attend.

2.      The Lord’s Supper shall be observed each 5th Sunday morning.

Section 2  Business

1.      At any regular worship service the church may without special notice act upon the reception of new members or appointing messengers to councils.

2.      The pastor or moderator may and shall when requested by the deacons, trustees, or standing committee call a special business meeting the purpose of the meeting being clearly stated.

3.      Special meetings may be called by the clerk upon written request of five adults’ members.  The time and purpose of the meeting shall be clearly stated at the services on the Lord’s Day proceeding the day fixed for such a meeting.

4.      All business meetings shall be governed by “Roberts’ Rule of Order”.

5.      Publication in the church bulletin prior to the monthly business meeting or special meeting shall state any pending business of which notice is required.



Name of Party Renting Church Facility____________________________________________ 

Date and Time of Rental    Date____________________   Time____________________________ 

Rental Fee Paid    $____________________________________ 


Regulations for use of Church property

          The Pleasant Point Baptist Church is an Organization based on values and doctrine found in the Holy Scriptures.

As such, those wishing to use our facilities must agree to certain stipulations, which are developed to more greatly insure that those facilities are not used in a way that would be contrary to the will, beliefs and doctrines of the church body.

Following is a partial list of those stipulations:

1.      Use of tobacco and alcohol will not be allowed on church property.

2.      The building is be left in a condition similar to the way it was found

3.      Since marriage is explained in detail as the union between a natural born man and  woman    and is consider to be a holy union, this is the only marriage ceremony that the church facilities may be used for.

4.      Those using the property will be subject to pay a fee up front.

5.       The users will be responsible for furnishing their own utensils, plates, cups, and tablecloths.

6.     No use of the facilities will be allowed during Church service hours and any activity   shall be completed before time of services.

7.     All scheduling will be on first come basis.

8.     The Church has the right to approve or disapprove any rented event.

9.      The person making application to use the facility will be responsible to sign a statement of understanding on the stipulations of use.

Signature__________________________          Date____________________________ 




            This constitution and by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a regular business meeting or specially called meeting for the purpose of amending.  Any proposed change having been brought before the church, read and laid over one month, may be voted on at the next regular business meeting.


Submitted by the committee on By-Laws.

Gary Parker, Pastor

                                         Lanny Hubbard,, Chairman of the Deacons

                                                                             Lee Sims Deacon

                                                                                   Alan Wall, Chairman of the Trustees

              Judy Munch Stull, Member